product transferlink

Privacy concerns and management of dues files are serious issues.

UnionWare TransferLink allows employers to transfer files, such as employee or dues records, directly into UnionWare through a secured web portal. The result - confidence that private member information remains private, and files are stored where they can be easily retrieved - within UnionWare.


  • 128-bit encryption keeps private information secure during transfer.
  • Files are automatically stored as documents in UnionWare, linked to who sent them.  Files can be associated with employers or work sites.
  • Import TransferLink files directly into dues batches.
  • No more emails with attachments that might accidentally be deleted or mistakenly forwarded.  Overcome employers' objections to sending private information electronically.
  • No complicated FTP access or transfer issues.
  • No file naming conventions to worry about - files are automatically organized chronologically.
  • Define custom file types and how they are stored/used once uploaded.
  • Create as many login credentials as needed.
  • TransferLink tracks full usage statistics.
  • Users can send you communications from within TransferLink.