Online Address Verification

Eliminate bad addresses from your database and reduce the cost of returned mail.

Do you have issues with the quality of your addresses? Is mail often returned due to incomplete or incorrect addresses? If so, the associated costs can be significant.  UnionWare's Online Address Verification module validates addressesin real time, as they are entereddirectly with the US Postal Service and Canada Post, via a service provided by StrikeIron.


  • Update addresses in real time using the latest address data available from the US Postal Service and Canada Post.
  • Receive immediate feedback, which indicates whether or not the address really exists and if it could be improved.
  • Let users decide whether to keep the verified version or the original; limit address verification overrides to trusted users.
  • The status of each verification attempt is tracked and, when successful, precise geographical information (latitude and longitude) is added to the address.
  • StrikeIron subscriptions cost 3 cents or less per verification, an amount that is much lower than the cost of returned mail.