This is the hub of UnionWare.

All other modules integrate directly with the Membership module and create the framework that represents your union. Individual members and everything about them is tracked within this framework.


  • Keep all your member profile information in one place.
  • Group your members using categories, statuses, types and subtypes.
  • Track multiple addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Track complete work history, including multiple active jobs.
  • Track details about and relationships between work entities such as employer, worksite, department, classification and local.
  • Information from other modules is displayed as tabs on each member's profile.
  • When you track union executives and other positions, UnionWare automatically determines who represents each member.
  • Maintain your committees and committee members in one place.
  • Use sophisticated mailing, emailing and SMS capabilities to target any subset of your membership.
  • Assessments, activities, networks, and member-to-member relationships are all tracked via the Organizing Module and displayed on a member's profile
  • Track and view political and district information, including contribution pledges.
  • Track non-members, such as payroll contacts, separately as Contacts.
  • Keep track of your members' skills.
  • Create member-to-member relationships.