UnionWare Features

All UnionWare modules benefit from the following great features:


Search using criteria that range from simple to complex.  Save the criteria to use them over and over.


Sort, group and summarize your search results using our flexible layout editor.  Format the font and color to suit the data.  Save your layout to use again.

Recent Activity

Forgot something? Quickly get back to where you were by selecting a recently accessed record from your personal history list.

Print and Export

Print and export search results and other grids to Excel and other formats. Grid layouts are reflected in the output.

list results

Ad hoc and dynamically refreshing lists are supported throughout UnionWare.


Open many items at once to enable side-by-side comparisons.


Extras track unique, custom information. Configure each Extra’s visibility and behavior using a simple interface.


Audit trails track all changes to your data. Event logs track who accessed the data, including reports, processes and exports.

Document Attachments

Add unlimited notes with integrated spell checking to any part of the system, including members, cases, events, dues batches, employers, bargaining units, work sites, and more. Notify any number of UnionWare users using the reminders built into each note. Users are notified within UnionWare and, optionally, by email. Any number of electronic documents can be uploaded and linked to notes. Search for keywords within common document formats including PDF.

Multi Language Interface

Users can choose to work in the language of their choice; French and English are currently supported.


User preferences include date/time display formats, shortcut key assignments, default tabs, tab orders, and more.