I've dreaded going back to a problem file for a year but I've realized that UnionWare is genius! Nothing needs to be done on my end! UnionWare has simplified my life so much.

Mindy Lee Miljour, PSAC - Ottawa, ON


Automatically process electronic dues files provided by your employers.

Selectively, and automatically, update your membership database with the information in these files through configurable templates. Powerful tools speed manual transaction entry when electronic files are not provided.


  • Track every type of financial transaction with your members, including dues, fees, initiation, political action contributions and benefit premiums.
  • Easily process electronic files and paper lists using several processing methods.
  • Process employer remittances using batches and track payment all the way though to a deposit.
  • Import a variety of file types, including Excel, comma separated and fixed length text files.
  • Configure specific rules and defaults for each remittance, including flexible matching algorithms that automatically associate imported records with existing members.
  • Resolve unmatched exceptions, even create new members, all from a single screen.
  • Track the employer's version of information and eliminate future exceptions without compromising the quality of your data.
  • Access dues and seniority files transmitted through TransferLink with a single click.
  • Speed up the processing of paper lists by pre-populating batches with expected members (and even expected amounts, if appropriate).  Save time by ordering the rows and columns in the batch to match the layout of the paper list.
  • Go beyond the money: selectively use the valuable information included with many remittances to update your membership information.
  • Automatically determine who's stopped paying or returned to work, and change their statuses quickly and easily.
  • Rest assured that all changes are temporary until you post them.  Post batches immediately or add them to a queue; schedule large batches to post after hours.
  • Retrieve and export posted transactions using familiar search capabilities.