Make organizing events simple with our integrated set of event management tools.

The Events Module handles both simple and multi-day events.  It tracks full registration details, accommodations and supporting documents - all in one place.


  • Track many types of events including conventions, courses and member training, rallies, strikes, meetings and conferences.
  • Use statuses, types, categories and locations to identify events.
  • Easily register members, external contacts and UnionWare users.
  • Manage larger events using tracks and sessions.
  • Use a waiting list to track pending registrations for fully booked events.
  • Keep a separate list of staff who are participating in the event.
  • Use templates to maintain defaults for common events.
  • Mark attendance easily and in real-time using barcoding or ULink.
  • Automatically assign skills to members upon attending.
  • View a member's registration history right from their member profile.
  • Administer the details of registrant travel and accomodations.
  • Keep unlimited notes, documents and 'Extras'.
  • Each registration includes the answers to a configurable set of registration questions.
  • Allow members to register on the web and even pay registration fees with MemberLink and Online Event Registration.