Email Receiver

Easily move important information from your inbox directly to your UnionWare database!

Email is one of your most vital communication tools and important information is often trapped in someone's inbox. Email Receiver quickly adds emails and important attachments to the corresponding member, grievance or other entity, ensuring that your communications are never lost.


  • Create any number of mailboxes and configure each one for the behavior you want.
  • Forward emails to these mailboxes and UnionWare does the rest.
  • Select the identifier to use in the email subject line, such as Member ID or Case Number.
  • Email text is converted into notes which are stored on the specified UnionWare entity (Member, Case, Employer, Event, etc.)
  • Attachments are saved as documents on these notes so they are accessible to others.
  • Note and document types can be specified for each mailbox.
  • Works with the majority of internal and external email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange and cloud services like Gmail.