Negotiate with confidence!

Stay on top of contract deadlines, negotiating teams and negotiation progress.  Keep negotiation notes and documents for future reference. Keep track of classification rate tables and Collective Agreement articles.


  • Track any number of articles (clauses) with their numbers, title and full text.
  • Manage the life-cycle of contract negotiations using template-based workflow.
  • Track notes and documents to capture communications and strategies every step of the way.
  • Integrated reminders help ensure you'll never miss a deadline in the process.
  • Track all the negotiation participants and their roles including bargaining committees, union negotiators and employer-side negotiators.
  • Produce negotiation-related communications using email and letters, and track it all.
  • Record the expenses incurred while negotiating and producing your collective agreements.
  • Track each version of the contract over time using start and end dates.
  • Link each contract to its related employers, units or even work sites.
  • Create your own custom 'Extras' to track ad hoc information about contracts and versions.
  • At a glance, see all cases (e.g. grievances) referencing contract articles, handy for your next round of negotiations.
  • Access powerful searching by contract or version, and compare rates and articles from across multiple contracts.
  • Upload the finalized agreement and it automatically appears in your members' records.
  • For every version of the contract, track unlimited classification pay scales and dues rates, each with start and end dates.
  • When you begin the next round of negotiations articles and rates are automatically copied from the current version to use as a starting point.