UnionWare News

New Team Members: Cameron Hayglass and Jacob Policarpio

In January, UnionWare came to a clear conclusion - it was time to hire additional developers. It seems that lately we always have a large amount of implementation work on the go... which is great! However, we need to ensure that our product development continues as planned. With several new web applications in the works we needed to bring on a couple of great developers who could hit the ground running. After a focused search we are pleased to have found Cameron Hayglass and Jacob Policarpio. Cam and Jake joined the UnionWare team on Monday, March 15th. Please join us in welcoming them both to our team.

New Product: Organizing Module - Launching Summer 2010

Starting this summer "the Power to Organize" will become more than just our tag line. For years we've focused on the administrative side of unions - membership information, dues processing, grievance, event tracking, etc. Now that this foundation is firmly in place we are comfortable to move to higher ground. That higher ground means providing your organizers and field staff with the tools they need to be more effective. The design of the new Organizing Module is now complete and development is well underway. Set to launch at our Summit in June, our new web based Organizing Module will provide incredible flexibility in configuring turf, setting up and managing internal and external campaigns, tracking member assessments, activities, social networks, and much more. And of course, this module is tightly integrated with all other UnionWare Modules so your entire organization works off the same page. Stay tuned as we begin to unwrap this exciting new set of tools and truly give you "the Power to Organize".

Existing Client Transitions to UnionWare 4: OPSEU

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union went live with UnionWare 4 on February 16th. Previously during their UnionWare 4 training sessions, OPSEU employees commented that they loved the new version, found it much easier to use and they could get to their information faster. Several employees announced during training that it was a great day - not because the sun was shining but because UnionWare 4 was changing their lives by making their everyday easier! This was one of the larger upgrade implementations for UnionWare and we are excited that we were able to improve the way OPSEU completes their day to day tasks. 

New Client: NJASAP

We are very excited to announce that the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots has selected UnionWare as their new membership system. NJASAP represents approximately 3,000 pilots employed by NetJets, one of the largest pilot fleets in the world. 

Client Goes Live: BCNU

On Monday, January 11th BCNU, British Columbia Nurses Union, went live with UnionWare. During the training that occurred early in the week, the students had a positive response to the program and rather than having an 'Oh No!' frame of mind with having to learn a new system, they were having an 'Oh Wow!' reaction. Even after a short overview, many of the staff were seen using UnionWare throughout the building with ease and excitement. The most commented on benefits were the amount of information that could be pulled by any individual, as well as, the ease of pulling this data from the system. UnionWare has made another client very happy! 

Summit 2010: Winnipeg, Canada!

We know it's early but we just couldn't wait to announce that the 2010 UnionWare Summit will be held in Winnipeg, Canada - June 7, 8, and 9th. Summits are scheduled annually alternating between Canadian and U.S. cities. Previous Summits have been held in Montreal, Vancouver, Chicago, Vegas, Banff... Summit 2010 is our 9th Summit!

UnionCare Tour: San Diego to Vancouver

During the week of November 30th we had the pleasure of visiting our clients on the west coast (San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, and Vancouver). These trips are great for us to keep in touch with how UnionWare is being used day to day. One of the highlights was the continued success of a number of clients using UnionWare to run their Member Resource Centers (MRC's). All member calls are routed through the MRC where reps use UnionWare to research issues, track call types, and set reminders for follow up. We were also impressed by the sheer volume of documents clients are storing within UnionWare and linking to members and grievances.

New Service / Product: Dashboard Email

Our clients are busy, sometimes too busy to use UnionWare! We feel their pain. So, we've embarked on a project to deliver the information they need on a silver platter. In this case the silver platter is an automated email, and the information is key statistics, top 10 lists, point in time comparisons, etc. Over the next few months we will be working with one of our clients in Minnesota to refine the process. Their executive team are already receiving these emails every Sunday, prior to their Monday morning meetings. No need to take time to login to UnionWare. Key decision making information at the ready, without having to ask.

New Client: ATPAM

We are very excited to have been selected by the Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers (New York) in their search for a new membership system. We are particularly looking forward to automating pieces of their current work flow via the UnionWare Member Portal. We'll keep you posted on these interesting and time saving features we are developing for ATPAM. 

SEIU United Healthcare Workers West: Grievance Tracking

SEIU-UHW was in need of a grievance tracking system in a hurry. We integrated with their in-house membership system to get them up and running quickly.