A Unique Approach to Working Together

We understand that, when it comes to technology investments, plans and processes are vitally important. Our approach ensures there is a plan in place before you commit to a relationship with UnionWare. But that's just the beginning of our relationship with you.

Unions are unlike any other organization. That's why you need union specialists who understand your unique operation, culture, challenges and needs. It's only with this experience and understanding that the power of our products can be fully realized. The diagram below shows how working with UnionWare can be a powerful cycle of continuous improvement for your organization.

solutions infinity action

You Start Here

Even before you formally engage UnionWare we begin with our Discovery – an objective fact-finding mission where we get to know your strengths, resources, unique challenges and specific opportunities. From what we uncover (and what you share) we detail exactly what's required to achieve your goals: the specific software modules, hardware and hosting requirements, implementation timelines, and the involvement of your own internal management and user teams.

We provide this to you in a full report with guaranteed pricing, project milestones, and a list of predictable outcomes. We understand that every moment spent at the front end saves twice the amount of time and stress down the road.

With your Discovery in hand, we take action to deliver the promised results. You are assigned to one of our dedicated client service teams consisting of a project manager/analyst, a support manager/analyst, and several developers.

Your team stays with you for life.

No hand-offs or miscommunications, just a solid long term relationship with people that know you and the details of your situation. We call this UnionCare and we mean it, we care.

More than just a "system" or data.

Insight may be something new to your union. In fact, it's why many of our clients seek us out in the first place. They feel that their systems just don't provide sufficient insight into their membership to be of real value.

With UnionWare you will soon gain a deeper knowledge of your membership and what may be on the horizon. As things become more and more clear, you will see new opportunities and challenges. We are always here to help at this point; to help you see your data in new ways and apply new technology to new situations.

It really is a cycle of Discovery, Action, Insight, and back to Discovery again. We've seen this so many times with our clients that we've formalized it into our approach by checking in with you regularly to talk about what you see on your horizon and how we may be of assistance.