Member Engagement

At the Forefront of Everything We Do

If all you use your membership system for is printing mail labels and sending dues invoices, then that’s a shame. The opportunity is there to leverage your membership data into valuable information that you can use to engage your members and strengthen your relationship with them.

UnionWare modules allow for member assessments, organizing and engagement campaigns, strengthened and integrated communication tools, and online applications with incredible services to help you promote and increase member engagement.

Member Assessments

For member engagement and mobilization to be effective, you need to know your members beyond the basics of address and work location. UnionWare can help you assess member engagement levels and other characteristics and attitudes over time which can be key to developing relationships that can be leveraged for the good of your local or union.

Based on our experiences so far -having come from a failed project - UnionWare follows through on everything, is very organized and they know what they can and cannot do. Product and staff are fantastic!

Scott Pliszka, HGEA - Honolulu

Engagement Campaigns

Focusing your efforts and resources is vital. By grouping members and engagement activities into campaigns within UnionWare, you can provide effective day-to-day campaign and ‘Turf’ management, and monitor the results of your organizing reps and teams.

Communication Tools

UnionWare removes any obstacles to getting the word out to your members. With the ability to quickly and precisely email targeted groups of members from within the system, informing and mobilizing becomes an easy, automated task rather than a daunting challenge.

Online Services

Your members have come to expect the convenience of an online relationship and services from many of the organizations they deal with, so their union shouldn’t be the exception. With UnionWare’s MemberLink application, you can provide a personalized web experience for your members, providing them with online access to key personal information, documents, and pivotal services such as online event registration.

Your membership system should offer your organization a broad spectrum of tools beyond basic dues processing and generating mailing labels. Whether you’re working in UnionWare Enterprise, any of our powerful expansion modules, or even our online applications, you’ll see that we keep member engagement at the forefront of everything we do.