Better Information

Most Unions We Work With Have Two Primary Needs

The first is a need for better and more integrated information. Knowing the decisions you make each day will affect the lives of thousands of people and their families, we realize that the quality of information you base your decisions on and your ability to easily access it, are vital.

It’s highly configurable, powerful and well designed. Other systems don’t compare to it.  UnionWare’s support is great!

Stefka Yancheva, OPSEU - Toronto

The second need is effective member and team engagement. Our clients have the caring and drive required to engage and mobilize their membership, and the know-how required to lead their internal teams – but sometimes this isn’t enough. Our goal is to make sure you have the tools to be effective in creating and nurturing a highly engaged membership, and empowered user base.

How We Meet These Needs

UnionWare has three things: an integrated set of union specific software modules, an experienced team of people with a deep understanding of unions and their needs, and a proven approach for how to continually elevate your organization at every stage of your growth.

We welcome you to explore and learn how we combine our unique software, expertise and approach to achieve remarkable results for you.